Thursday, 6 November 2014


Gender roles

For many years it has been evident that there are specific gender roles in our world. The expected gender roles are not fair and the world has to come to a realization that in our evolving world, the expected gender roles must be evolving as well. For example, the expectation that women are obligated to take care of all the needs of the children. In the "Why I want a wife," article, the author says, " needless to say, my wife will arrange and pay for the care of the children while my wife is working." This shows the inequality in gender roles. It is not fair that women are expected to work their full time jobs and also take care of the house and children like a "stay-at-home" mom. The duties of women has not become equal since the past, rather, has doubled. In today's society, women are financially independent and are able to take care of their own needs. In the past, things were different; where a woman was completely dependent on her husband to take care of her and their children. That is why couples have to divide their roles in their domestic life, in order to have a healthy relationship. It is also unfair that women are expected to fulfill all of their husbands' physical needs with no expectations in return. Another example from the same article is when the author says, " and, of course, I want a wife who will not demand sexual attention when I am not in the mood for it." This shows not only how a wife is almost obligated to satisfy her husbands' needs in order for her him to stay faithful, but also not have her emotional and physical needs met when he is not ready. This is a one way relationship, and in a marriage or relationship, there has to be mutual effort and reasonable expectations. In the past, men were allowed to demand all of their sexual needs. However, an improvement in today's society, is that the law helps protect against women's rights. Women can call the police if their partner forces them to do anything without their consent. The partner will be charged with rape. This shows how women now have control over their bodies and are entitled to say no. In today's society, women still have lower incomes than men. This is unfair because women go through the same educational path as men do, but also have to deal with much more difficulties in the process. Women are criticized and judged far more in this process, so they are dealing with a much more challenging path. It is unfair that women have lower incomes, and this has to be changed because of the challenges they face to reach their goals. In conclusion, gender inequality is an issue that is still present in our world. There needs to be more awareness about this issue because empowering women and creating equal gender roles, will help make a world of equality. 

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