Sunday, 9 November 2014

Blog 4: Relationships

Relationships are hard, it's kind of like a full-time job! Being in a relationship means you are putting a lot of your heart, mind, time and effort in one person. It is good that that person is well worth it! A relationship is a two-way street, mutual effort and if someone is not doing their part, the relationship can fall apart. Having a partner is great. You have one person who truly cares for you and will be there when no one else is. That person becomes the person who you think about when you first wake up and the person you think about right before going to sleep. You begin to plan your future with them involved. It is a beautiful process, when you begin to trust and love someone for who they are. You also fall in love with the idea that someone loves you just the way you are. You can maintain a relationship with good communication skills. This is vital in order to be able to look past the problems that arise after the first six months of a relationship. You have to understand, that not everything can go your way, and a relationship is all about comprise. Getting into a relationship will definitely change someone. After your first love, you become a different person. You don't see things as before and sometimes miss the person you were before. Its a life-long commitment to putting effort into being able to understand each others needs. It is overwhelming to see how many couples who were so deeply in love with each other break up due to miss-communication and not meeting each others' needs. In the 21st century there are many resources that can help fix a broken relationship or marriage; such as, mediation or counseling. It is important for couples to put time in working on their relationship just like any other important aspect in their life. It is better to work on old precious things than quickly give up and try something new.

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